A3 Colour MFP’s

The new MFP A3 COLOR office products can really meet the expectations of any users in terms of paper capacity and print quality, with specific attention to costs management and reliability.

d-Color MF2001plus

The main strengths of the newest Olivetti A3 multifunction system are: High quality hardware: motor capable of printing up to 20 A4 colour pages per minute with a print resolution of 600 dpi and standard 1.5 GB memory, enabling users to handle print queues of up to 10 users quickly and efficiently.

Competitive costs: low initial outlay, very low maintenance costs (thanks to its 200K page maintenance cycles), reduced energy consumption (absorption in sleep mode is just 0.9W). Advanced technology: d-Color MF2001plus implements the JAWS platform (Jawa And Web Solutions) and supports EasyScan 1.0.0* Olivetti, an interesting application developed by Olivetti to maximise the advantages of the scanner function in heavy-duty environments.

  • Memory: RAM 1.5 GB (expandable to 2GB)
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Printing speed: 20/10 cpm A4/A3
  • Simplex scan speed: 40 ipm in b/n – colori (200 dpi)
  • Simplex scan speed: 40 ipm in b/n – colori (300 dpi)
  • Simplex scan speed: 20 ipm in b/n – colori (600 dpi)
  • Warm-up time: < 45 sec

d-Color MF223 and d-Color MF283

The new d-Color MF223 and d-Color MF283 multifunction Systems are perfect for anyone looking for quality technology at an affordable price. Reliable and simple to use, they satisfy the demands of the modern office with excellent paper capacity (up to 3,600 sheets with optional trays) and modular flexibility for the most demanding of needs.

  • Speed per minute: 22 pages (d-Color MF223), 28 pages (d-Color MF283)
  • A4 colour & mono
  • 7” touch panel with intuitive user interface
  • NFC (near field communication) connection area integrated in operator panel
  • Integrated web browser, printing using Airprint® & Google Cloud Print tm (option)
  • Paper capacity 3,600 sheets max.
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • OCR scanning of “searchable pdf” or Microsoft® office optimised files (option)
  • Compact dimensions

d-Color MF254 – MF304 – MF364

Designed to deliver the highest standard of print quality both in mono and colour, even under heavy volume conditions, the new d-Color MF304 and d-Color MF364 A3 colour multifunctional systems are ready to be put to the test.
Customer research has shown these models provide superior performance and quality while being very simple to use, which is the result of a new user interface and the ability to connect to mobile devices and Cloud platforms.

  • Speed 25 ppm (d-color MF254), 30 ppm (d-color MF304) & 36 ppm (d-color MF364) in colour and mono
  • 9” touch screen with new intuitive user interface
  • Bluetooth and near field communication (nfc) connection area integrated within operator panel
  • Integrated web browser, airprint® and google cloud print
  • Great paper capacity up to 6,650 sheets
  • Second optional hard disk with ‘mirroring’ function
  • Reduced energy absorption
  • OCR scanning of “searchable pdf” files or optional microsoft office optimised files

d-Color MF454 – MF554 – MF654

The A3 colour Multifunctional systems the Olivetti d-Color MF454, d-Color MF554 and d-Color MF654 provide advanced functionalities for improving day-to-day productivity while delivering exceptional print quality and finishing capabilities.

  • Colour and mono speeds per page – 45 ppm (d-Color MF454), 55 ppm (d-Color MF554), 65 pages (d-Color MF654)
  • 300-sheet original feeder with dual scan capabilities and scan speeds up to 240 images per minute (ipm)
  • 10.1” touch-screen with new intuitive user interface
  • NFC and bluetooth® connection area integrated on the operator panel
  • Integrated web browser, Airprint® and Google Cloud Print™ printing
  • Second optional hard disk with data back-up function
  • New “z” folding unit, zu-609, integrated inside the fs-537 finisher (optional)
  • Production of “searchable pdf ” files

d-Color MF652plus – MF752plus

The d-COLOR MF652plus and MF752plus provide all the functions of a small printing centre in a single solution: speed, top-level performance, and optimised colour profile management.

Printing speed up to 75 ppm, an innovative 9” touchscreen colour panel, support of market-standard printer emulations, integration with Active Directory or badge-based authentication, low TEC values and full compliance with the new Energy Star 2.0 Standard: d-COLOR MF652plus e MF752plus are the perfect mix of effectiveness, technology, versatility, top level performances and environmental sustainability.


  • 1.2Gb CPU Controller
  • Printing speed A4: up to 60 ppm (colour) – 75 ppm (mono), A3: up to 30 ppm (colour) – 37 ppm (mono)
  • Print resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Standard memory: 2 GB
  • Standard HDD: 250 GB
  • Direct scanning and printing in Microsoft Office formats (docx, xlsx, pptx)

All of our engineers are Olivetti manufacturer trained. Professional Equipment by Professional People