Document Management with Power Retrieve

Have you ever wished you could search your documents as you would with the internet?

Despite the growth in electronic communication, up to 90% of an organisation’s information comes from unstructured formats and the promise of a paperless office is a long way off.

Imagine a world where using a few words, dates or letter combinations you could search through the content of paper documents, emails, electronic documents, plans, drawings and even photographs, to find that one piece of information you are looking for.

Even better, all of this is possible from your desktop or tablet. In short, an internet-style search capability across all your office documents, including paper ones.

PowerRetrieve gives you just that. The flexibility of powerful retrieval without indexing overheads. And, what’s more, there’s no need to change your existing IT systems in order to use it.

A cost effective solution to the issues, that we are all familiar with in a traditional filing system such as:

  • Lost files
  • Unauthorised access
  • Loss of valuable space
  • Time needed to recover document
  • Off site storage costs
  • Inefficient business processes
  • Lack of Disaster Recovery

Works with standard office copier/printer/scanners

Power Retrieve makes it easy to import documents and files. Scanned images can be captured into the system directly from any designated Multi-function Printer/Scanner or uploaded manually from a file store.
It is also possible to establish ‘watch folders’ for automated import of any image or electronic file.
Entire contents are indexed including any text within photographs. All imported documents are rendered to
PDF format for uniformity in the document viewer – and for compatibility with other systems.

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